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Sambhaav Media Group will invest $ 10 million in developing the first Digital Live Transit-TV Broadcasting infrastructure in India. The channel will be called “WISE” Wireless, Interactive, Smart , Entertainment Channel. By adopting international broadcasting standard infrastructure, Sambhaav Media will be capable of delivering live video and voice across the transit industry such as the bus network, Metros, railways, Internet and even on mobile phones.

Sambhaav Media in the first phase will be extending the Transit-TV network to Gujarat State Roadways and has bagged 10 years contract to with GSRTC (Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation) to carry Live TV in 8000 busses.

The screens will operational in 3500 busses in Gujarat by 1st January 2012.


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Our unique insight allows us to easily customize campaigns to ensure the greatest impact on the audience, unleashing the potential of our highly targeted and effective medium.

Our fresh, professional thinking, teamed up with our collaborative working attitudes and industry expertise ensures an effective successful delivery of our client’s vision. Our national presence and passionate team make for a truly unique Out of Home experience.


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